Siri Response Suggests Find My Support Might Come to New Siri Remote

Apple has made no mention of Find My integration for the Siri Remote designed for the second-generation Apple TV 4K, but ?Siri? responses to certain requests about the remote suggest that Apple could perhaps have such a feature in the works, or at the least, might have considered adding it.

If you ask ?Siri? to “Find my ?Siri? remote,” “Find my ?Apple TV? remote,” or even just “Find my remote,” ?Siri? will provide the following response: “You don’t have any ?Siri? Remotes linked to your iCloud account.” The curious ?Siri? response was first found by 9to5Mac. If you ask about another item that might perhaps have ?Find My? integration with an AirTag, such as keys or a wallet, ?Siri? says “You don’t have any items set up in the ?Find My? app.”

If you ask about a device with no ?Find My? integration like the Apple Pencil, ?Siri? says “That type of device can’t be set up in the ?Find My? app, so I’m not able to find it for you.” The new remote response is limited to iOS 14.5, and ?Siri? does not understand the same request on devices running earlier versions of iOS, but there is one notable caveat here — a MacRumors reader has pointed out that ?Siri? will also sometimes give a similar response when asked to “?Find My? AirPower,” but other Apple devices don’t seem to give the same answer.

Prior to the launch of the revamped ?Apple TV? 4K, there were rumors from Bloomberg suggesting the remote designed for the device would indeed have ?Find My? integration to allow it to be found should it be lost in the house. When introducing the ?Apple TV? 4K and the new remote, though, Apple did not make any mention of ?Find My? integration, nor is it anywhere on Apple’s site or press materials related to the new devices. The remote also does not have a U1 chip like the AirTags for close-proximity location purposes.

It’s possible that some kind of ?Find My? integration is coming in the future, or that it’s a feature that was considered for the ?Siri? Remote and later scrapped, but it’s not clear either way. We should find out more when the ?Siri? Remote is available, or if Apple removes the ?Siri? response from iOS.Related Roundups: Apple TV, tvOS 14Tags: Siri Remote, Find MyBuyer’s Guide: Apple TV (Caution)This article, “Siri Response Suggests Find My Support Might Come to New Siri Remote” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

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Author: Juli Clover