arms-On Video With Apple’s Digital Textbooks

Engadget has posted a palms-on video of the iPad’s interactive digital textbooks within the press demo portion of Apple’s training-focused media experience lately, and they had been impressed:

Interacting with the books is a typically intuitive combination of tapping, swiping and pinching. that you would be able to pinch from any page to get out to the heading of that chapter, then drag along a bar on the underside to speedy go from one chapter to the next. if you find yourself looking at any page, you could get a closer view of any of the media there through simply pinching it. Tiny picture of an ant? supply it a nudge and it can be full-reveal. you can then swipe via galleries, play films and have interaction with more than a few other widgets that authors can drop in location.

As at all times with an Apple product announcement, the company has produced a promotional video full with interviews of Apple executives and common consumers the usage of their products. The video for the digital textbook contains teachers speaking about how textbooks are old-fashioned as quickly as they are printed and how digital-savvy students predict extra out of their learning supplies.

Apple has additionally posted a gallery of the various elements that may be constructed-into interactive iBooks with the iBooks author app, including HTML Modules, Keynote displays, 3D photography, and extra.

Apple’s initial focal point for its textbook effort is on high school textbooks, with books priced at $14.ninety nine or much less. Authors can continually replace their content material, and the students get to maintain their copies indefinitely. Books are on hand by means of the iBooks app, available as a free obtain from the App store. [Direct hyperlink]

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