HP’s webOS Reportedly Runs significantly sooner on iPad 2 Than on TouchPad

HP’s startling disclosure the day past that it is taking a look into a sale or spinoff of its laptop industry and is discontinuing its webOS-primarily based hardware application has despatched shock waves throughout the trade. one of the extra curious elements of the move is HP’s plans for webOS, the corporate’s mobile running device that it got with final 12 months’s $1.2 billion buy of Palm and relaunched on new Pre smartphones and the TouchPad tablet just months ago.

in step with this is my next…, HP knowledgeable its webOS group right through an all-palms meeting the day before today that it continues to be committed to the platform, even supposing it’s uncertain precisely how the corporate will appear to capitalize on it, whether via attainable licensing or other way.

within the assembly, webOS GBU VP Stephen DeWitt made it clear that HP intends to continue to work on webOS and likely intends to license it. DeWitt was adamant, pronouncing a couple of instances “we aren’t walking faraway from webOS.” He distinct a plan to try to decide what the platform’s future will seem like throughout the subsequent two weeks, even supposing he admitted that “clearly, we don’t have the entire solutions nowadays.”

HP govt Todd Bradley cited that with webOS at the moment designed to work best on Qualcomm-based totally hardware, attainable licensees would in all probability be focused on seeing webOS modified to run on different chipsets if HP had been to pursue that route.

however many have puzzled whether HP may also be capable to license webOS to 3rd parties, given that neither Palm nor HP has been in a position to gain client traction with the platform. For its part, HP claims that it sees promise in the software that has been hampered via terrible hardware.

On that observe, the next internet reports that HP engineers had long gone so far as to check webOS operating on an iPad, discovering that the operating system ran “over twice as quick” on the iPad 2 because it did on the TouchPad for which it had been designed. Even running as an internet app throughout the iPad 2’s Safari browser yielded notably better performance than on the TouchPad.

The hardware reportedly stopped the crew from innovating past certain points as a result of it used to be slow and imposed constraints, which used to be highlighted when webOS was loaded on to Apple’s iPad instrument and found to run the platform significantly faster than the tool for which it used to be originally developed.

With a focal point on net technologies, webOS might be deployed in the iPad’s cellular Safari browser as an internet-app; this produced similar results, with it running again and again faster in the browser than it did on the TouchPad.

The record notes that the TouchPad hardware had primarily already been designed when HP got Palm closing yr, with the engineers tasked with getting webOS running on the present design. The ensuing handicap of out of date hardware reportedly crippled the webOS crew’s capability to innovate for the tablet platform and ultimately led to the negative market reception.

regardless of the causes, the TouchPad naturally did not take off as HP had hoped, and the company fast pulled the plug on the project as a part of its dramatic shift in trade center of attention. The shift leaves the future of webOS unsettled, and while speculation has established around whether an organization like Amazon could be focused on acquiring it for its own use, others have recommended that HP may well be at an advantage merely selling off the patent portfolio associated with web OS, a transfer that could actually result in a revenue relative to the company’s $1.2 billion acquisition worth for Palm.

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