iPod and iPhone: TV out support

The following devices have support for TV out:

iPod touch
iPod touch (2nd generation)
iPhone (software version 1.1.1 or later required)
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3GS
iPod nano (3rd generation)
iPod nano (4th generation)
iPod classic
iPod (5th generation)
iPod with color display (iPod photo)

Note: Other iPod models may support viewing of photos or slideshows on the iPod display but do not support TV out.
The following docks support TV out when used with an iPod model or iPhone that supports TV out:

Apple Universal Dock (requires either the Apple Composite AV Cable or the Apple Component AV Cable – will not work with the iPod AV Cable). Search the store for part number MB125G.
iPod Universal Dock or iPod with color display Dock (iPod photo Dock)

Important: The iPhone dock does not support TV out.
iPod models that support TV out can support viewing on a television in several different ways. Use the tables below to see which cables and docks can be used with each iPod model. Check the documentation that came with the cable or iPod for information on how to connect and enable TV out.
Note: If you choose to use a third-party cable, make sure it has the "Works with iPhone" or "Made for iPod" label. Learn more about iPod and iPhone accessories.

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