iPod touch 4 / 4G to Get iPhone 4 Like Features: FaceTime, 5MP Camera and 720p HD Video Recording?

It’s been quite a while since Apple gave their iPod touch line a major refresh in terms of hardware. In fact all models since the 1st-gen iPod touch pretty much does the same thing. Although the 3rd-gen iPod touch, which is also known as iPod touch 3G is really fast compared to the previous generation iPod touches, but that is pretty much about it as it does the same thing – only faster. But now according to a leading UK retailer, Apple is going to pump up the next-gen iPod touch 4 / 4G with iPhone 4 like features such as FaceTime, 5MP camera with 720p video recording capabilities, A4 processor, gyroscope and a lot more!

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