iTunes 10: A Social track experience

to compliment their freshly up to date line of iPods, Apple has released iTunes 10 software. replacing the tried and real CD based totally icon with a new aqua orb, the icon trade only suggestions at the new options that lie throughout the application. with the exception of a fairly re-skinned UI, the standout feature of iTunes 10 is Ping.

Ping is a new track oriented social network which resides inside iTunes. customers can simply sign up for the network from within the tool and create a profile centered around their musical tastes. Ping users can follow their favorite artists, keep up on trade news, and share what they’re taking note of with chums. Ping contains a large number of personalised features that offer users with up-to-the-minute concert listings in addition to customized Ping Charts. both of these options update depending on what artists a person is following, and what their pals are taking note of.

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