iTunes Ping And facebook were pals yesterday. and that i’m nonetheless linked.

There seems to be some confusion available in the market at this time about iTunes Ping, Apple’s new music social community, and facebook. Some individuals appear to suppose it was once never part of iTunes, that Apple decided in opposition to connecting; while different reports say they think it was at one point built-in, but that it wasn’t working and has due to the fact been eliminated. i can inform you evidently that the day before today facebook join was once part of Ping — as a result of I used it.after I first loaded iTunes 10 the day gone by and started up Ping, connecting with facebook was the very first thing I did to find chums. in the beginning, i’ll say that it failed to work. I hit the connect button, entered my credentials, and nothing took place. but i tried again and it labored perfectly. i discovered a handful of facebook friends who had simply began the usage of Ping as neatly and linked with them.

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