Jailbreak iPhone with JailbreakMe

This tutorial demonstrates how to Jailbreak iPhone (including iPhone 4) with JailbreakMe in Windows. Note: If there are any MMS and Facetime problems, please upgrade Cydia and reset the network settings. If it still doesn’t work, restore the firmware and then jailbreak. Please make sure your device has been activated and back-up.

1. Click to open Safari
2. Add the address in the Address bar: http://jailbreakme.com , and then click on “GO”. Or through Apple’s own Safari browser to access site
3. Slide the “Slide to jailbreak” slider, and then ready to escape.
4. The screen will display the download prompt, and you need to wait a moment.
5. The download is completed, start jailbreak.
6. If it appear the “Cydia has been added to the desktop” prompt, click Ok, and your iPhone have been escaped.

The solution of the purple screen:
1. take-off! (Open iphone flight mode)
2.From the main screen to enter->Settings->Safari->accept the Cookies->select always.
3. Double-click Home.
4. Hold down the HOME and completely out of Safari  (in multitask mode).
5. For the Settings, select Safari and Clear Cookies.
6. landed (Turn off flight mode iphone)
7. re-visit jailbreakme.modmyi.com, if id does not work, then re-start operations from 1 to this step.
If there is not improvement, try to completely shutdown and then starting up, or hold down POWER and HOME 15 seconds until

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