Lab Tested: New 21-inch 1.4GHz Core i5 iMac benchmarks

This week, Apple made owning its all-in-one desktop iMac a little more affordable. With a price that’s $200 less than the previous low-end 21.5-inch iMac, the new $1099 21.5-inch iMac cuts costs, but at the expense of storage capacity and performance.

Macworld Lab received and tested the new $1099 iMac, as well as a configure to order model that upgrades the drive from a 500GB hard drive to a 1TB Fusion Drive. We’ll leave the subjective analysis of the value of these new discounted iMacs to the upcoming full review, but our tests show the performance of the new low-end iMac to be considerably slower than the previous low-end 21.5-inch iMac.

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