Lion clean install Requires Snow Leopard Disk? [Updated]

with a view to perform a “clean set up” of Lion — on a new exhausting power or when restoring a computing device to promote it, for instance — customers will need to install Snow Leopard first, in line with an e-mail forwarded to MacRumors, purportedly from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

now we have inspected the raw header information included in the email and consider it to be genuine, however these emails must at all times be enthusiastic about a grain of salt.

On Jun 20, 2011, at 9:57 PM, xxxx wrote:


i am in reality exited about Lion, however i’m a little anxious about the absence of any bodily media in the event of a crash the place I want to do a clean set up. Will Lion nonetheless present a way to make a bootable picture in the adventure that I wish to begin from scratch?

And Steve’s normally brief response:

From: Steve Jobs
subject: Re: Lion smooth install
Date: June 21, 2011 7:fifty five:05 AM PDT
To: xxxx

you can easy set up Snow Leopaard [sic] first.

despatched from my iPhone

If that is true, it appears seemingly Apple will proceed to promote Snow Leopard for the foreseeable future for customers upgrading from Leopard and to operate clean installs.

Apple still sells Leopard for users who need to upgrade their pre-Intel PowerPC Macs. Leopard is $129 and most effective on hand through 800-MY-APPLE, no longer the Apple online store or the retail retailers. the company may supply Snow Leopard in the same surreptitious manner.

replace: To clarify, the unique question and Jobs’ resolution seem to be keen on a state of affairs in which a user is introduced with a naked hard pressure corresponding to after an upgrade or a alternative after pressure failure. OS X Lion does create a separate restoration partition to enable smooth installs from a working device, however within the event of a full drive failure and no on hand backup, Apple’s officially-sanctioned reinstallation coverage appears to involve first installing Mac OS X Snow Leopard. For machines that ship with Lion installed and therefore do not need Snow Leopard to fall back on, Apple will presumably provide any other restoration answer, most likely in the form of a USB key as is integrated with the MacBook Air.

replace 2: The site Emails from Steve Jobs the previous day posted a similar e-mail from Steve addressing the same matter:

pricey Mr. Jobs,

I simply wanted to grasp if there will be a method to install Lion on a brand new HDD/SSD with out up to now installing 10.6?


Andreas Dantz

Steve’s straightforward reply:

Sorry, no.

despatched from my iPhone

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