Lodsys also concentrated on Android builders with Patent Infringement Claims

Patent protecting firm Lodsys made information two weeks ago when they despatched patent infringement notices to a number of small iOS developers over the use of In-App purchases and upgrade hyperlinks in their apps. Lodsys is aggravating that developers pay a licensing price or face a potential lawsuit. while Apple has publicly backed their iOS builders against Lodsys, the prison standing of your complete scenario remains murky. Lodsys was once still sending out legal notices to iOS developers as a minimum up until Apple’s formal response. Apple has claimed that their existing patent licenses duvet their developers’ utilization.

in accordance with a Google groups dialogue, it appears that Lodsys can also be going after Android builders. at least one Android developer has been focused with the identical Patent infringement claims from Lodsys:

We recently carried out in-app purchases for our Android software and several weeks later we bought a letter from Lodsys, claiming that we infringed on their patents.

Have every other Android developers available in the market been despatched a letter? Has Google taken any action on this issue yet? Has Google given direction to any developers which have been hit via this? we’re obviously a small shop and aren’t financially capable of defending ourselves over a litigation.

This information will also be relatively reassuring to iOS developers. Like Apple, it seems not likely that Google will let this stand. Google is also similarly believed to be a licensee of the same patent. Lodsys claims, on the other hand, that these licenses don’t lengthen to individual developers on each platform.

iOS developer Villain CEO Dane is asking affected developers to contact him at dane@villainhq.com as a way to pool tools in the experience of a lawsuit.

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