misplaced Foxconn iPhone can have Been source of Teardrop iPhone 5 Case Designs

M.I.C system reports that it has heard from a small iPhone accessory store in Shenzhen, China that Apple’s manufacturing companion Foxconn had misplaced a prototype of Apple’s redesigned iPhone 5 carrying the tapered teardrop type factor viewed in various case designs over the past few months.

Mockup of tapered iPhone 5 in accordance with leaked case designs
whereas the sourcing on the report is indisputably questionable, the detailed account is an engaging read and it might no longer be the primary time that a cell phone accent supplier has been concerned with leaked iPhone prototypes.

The missing prototype is claimed to had been enclosed in a case to hide it as a current-generation iPhone 4–which brings to mind the iPhone 4 prototype acquired with the aid of Gizmodo that used to be camouflaged as an iPhone 3GS. How Apple done that with the iPhone 5 supposedly wider and longer than the current iPhone 4 is a point to ponder.

it’s stated to be a test model with a finalized iPhone 5 chassis featuring the tear-drop design. then again, the interesting factor about it is that it it seems that properties what we assume to be rather modified iPhone 4 electronics with parts such as the A4 chip and even the same quantity of reminiscence.

The report goes on to note that an outside birthday party had paid a Foxconn worker to deliver the prototype instrument, which was once reportedly then sold to a case producer for about $three,one hundred.

it is uncertain when the alleged lack of the prototype took place, even if reviews of the tapered design extend back to least April and a design file exhibiting the form factor regarded via late July. because that time, numerous case producers have released circumstances for the new form factor, but exact evidence of the device within the type of parts leaks has but to surface.

now not all Apple prototypes make it into production, with the 2009 iPod touch with digicam being a outstanding example of a design that made it somewhat far throughout the prototyping process earlier than Apple determined to do away with the digicam. there has been really extensive debate about whether or not Apple will be launching this redesigned teardrop kind factor for the iPhone, as evidence from leaked parts has to this point most effective proven an “iPhone 4S” design in line with the iPhone 4.

Daring Fireball‘s John Gruber guidelines in his hyperlink to information of the media event invites that there may just in reality be just one new instrument offered next week, which would possibly be the more conservative iPhone 4S design.

something tells me there’s only one new iPhone.

The remark is some distance from confirmation, but Gruber has previously offered correct data on Apple’s plans and has occasionally coyly hinted at such knowledge in his comments.

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