McGraw-Hill CEO credits Steve Jobs’ Digital Textbook imaginative and prescient Amid proof of Pre-iPad interest

AllThingsD share some thoughts from McGraw-Hill CEO Terry McGraw, who right through a Q&A session following the day gone by’s iBooks Textbooks media experience described how the advance used to be a part of Steve Jobs’ vision for what textbooks will have to be like.

Sitting and listening to all of this, I wish Steve Jobs was right here. I was with him in June this past yr, and we have been talking about one of the vital benchmarks, and some of the issues that we had been looking to do together. He should be here. He almost certainly is [gesturing up and around]. This was once his vision, this was once his idea, and it all had to do with the iPad.

Jobs’ interest in textbooks is in fact now smartly-recognized, with Jobs himself being quoted in Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography as wanting to revolutionize the textbook trade and as having had conversations with publishers corresponding to Pearson in regards to the possibilities.

part of Peters’ 2008 iContest presentation on digital textbooks
One other attention-grabbing tidbit on the historical past of digital textbooks at Apple was once shared the day prior to this by means of a former Apple intern. As related to The Wirecutter, former intern Joseph Peters proposed the theory of digital textbooks back in 2008 as part of an “iContest” in which Apple interns gathered to pitch ideas to mid-degree executives for remarks. The textbook ideas prompt by Peters and his team were neatly-received by means of Apple’s judges, with the group being awarded a free MacBook Air and a gathering with higher-degree management to talk about the ideas.

Anyway, we introduced and answered the Q&a sexy flawlessly. I imply they stated they really appreciated it and each different presentation obtained principally sarcastic remarks.

I understand that answering a handful of questions and getting the impression that the exec’s had been absolutely on board. It was once a pretty awesome feeling. […]

at the end, they announced that we gained, they gave us all a MacBook Air and it used to be nice (for interns anyway). I was once extra enthusiastic about the opportunity to talk to extra people concerning the concept. They scheduled a meeting with John couch, head of training a number of days later. We met John and some the people on his staff in a small board room and we just gave the identical pitch as earlier than.

Peters does no longer recommend that his team’s thought used to be the genesis of Apple’s textbook plans, but it does provide fascinating insight into a bit of of the intern expertise at Apple and divulges that Apple was indeed interested within the textbook thought way back to 2008, more than a year before the debut of the iPad.

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