New sooner Sandy Bridge MacBook pros next Week?

9to5Mac believes that the new MacBook execs will likely be launching subsequent week.

With supplies simplest becoming more constrained, and with shipments already touching down in make a selection international locations, we think a launch next week is likely (between Tuesday and Thursday). that is, after all, if there are not any unexpected circumstances.

the brand new machines are said to remain at the very same costs as present MacBook pro fashions. word of that you can imagine new MacBook professionals in late 2011 used to be first pronounced back in September. at the time, it used to be believed that the brand new MacBook pros would benefit from new Sandy Bridge processors launched by Intel late this 12 months. in keeping with the section numbers, the new machines are expected to be most effective a minor replace.

The newly launched processors from Intel embrace Quad Core i7 processors with speeds of two.4GHz, 2.5GHz and a couple of.7GHz, in addition to a dual Core i7 at 2.8GHz models. this is the list of latest mobile CPUs adapted from CPU World:

Given the warmth constraints of the MacBook professional design, Apple won’t be able to use the two.7GHz Quad Core (Core i7-2960XM) of their notebooks. Apple additionally won’t use the mobile Celeron listed at the end. the highest 3 listed, however, stay candidates for improvements within the new MacBook execs.

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