New iOS 15.2 features, Apple Business Essentials, and macOS Shortcuts on the AppleInsider podcast

On this week’s episode of the AppleInsider Podcast, your hosts discuss the new features in iOS 15.2 including Child Safety in Messages, talk about Apple’s announcement that it might be “Sherlocking” Jamf with its own business device management program, and more.Apple released the second beta of iOS 15.2 revealing new features including legacy contacts, Child Safety in Messages, and App Privacy Support. Legacy contacts will allow users to specify specific people to have access to their iCloud data after death, while App Privacy Support will reveal what apps have been using a device microphone, camera, and accessing externals URLs.Child Safety in Messages was initially slated to roll out with CSAM earlier this Fall, but Apple has chosen to release these features separately. Child Safety in Messages has also removed the ability for parents to receive a notification if sensitive photos are sent or received by a child iCloud account. Read more…
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