next-era iPhone With ‘Radical New Case Design’ Coming in August?

BGR studies that it has acquired phrase from a reliable source indicating that the next-era iPhone will indeed be a big departure from the existing iPhone 4 type issue, bringing a “radical new case design” for the handset. in line with the source, Apple could also be preparing for an experience in early or mid August to introduce the following iPhone, which would turn into available within the last week of August.

whereas Apple has certainly been giving some developers get entry to to a device known as the iPhone 4S — an iPhone four with upgraded internals — BGR has independently validated that the subsequent-generation iPhone will not merely be an upgraded iPhone four as had been up to now rumored. we have now been informed by using a reliable supply to predict a thorough new case design for the upcoming iPhone. we have no longer been given any additional small print surrounding the design of the brand new iPhone case, though.

BGR‘s claims contradict a number of other experiences that have claimed that Apple’s subsequent iPhone will appear nearly similar to the iPhone four, with most enhancements constrained to the internals of the software. a number of studies have additionally suggested that the new iPhone won’t seem except the September-October timeframe, in line with the corporate’s iPod-centered media event historically held round that point.

while BGR has established strong sourcing for Apple’s iOS updates and offered some accurate information from Apple’s retail store operations, the site has been less correct with other up to date claims. recent misses include again to school promo small print and claimed MacBook pro small print.

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