OS X Lion lets in running multiple Copies on the identical laptop (Virtualization)

For the first time, Apple is allowing owners of OS X (client version) to run more than one virtual copies on the same laptop. in the past, Apple extended this potential to Mac OS X Server handiest. working separate instances of Mac OS X should be imaginable underneath virtualization solutions comparable to VMware Fusion and Parallels. This functionality allows you to deploy completely different sandboxed installations of OS X, most often for endeavor functions. As said in 2007, Apple first extended this functionality in Mac OS X Server 10.5:

[The 2007 Mac OS X 10.5 Server EULA] permits OS X Server to run in a digital computing device (VM) so long as each and every VM is stocked with a distinct license and the bodily system is Apple-made. the new principles don’t follow to the shopper version of Apple’s operating device, which continues to be barred from being virtualized.

The Golden grasp model of OS X Lion (10.7) simply released to developers contains the final finish-person licensing settlement (EULA) which finds that customers can run up to two additional cases of OS X Lion on their related laptop with out a want for extra licenses. From the ten.7 EULA:

(iii) to install, use and run as much as two (2) further copies or instances of the Apple device within digital working system environments on each and every Mac laptop you own or keep an eye on that is already operating the Apple instrument.

The shift in policy doubtless displays the blurred difference between OS X Server and OS X client starting with Lion. OS X Server might be offered as an App retailer add-on % for OS X Lion.

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