Paypal Advises customers to stop the usage of Safari

eldavojohn writes “Over issues for lack of an anti-phishing mechanism for Safari, Paypal is telling its Mac customers to make use of any other browser. An author from Ars Technica unearths that he has been using Camino and has fallen sufferer to a Paypal related phishing rip-off by way of e mail so this story should hit residence for him. ‘presently the Apple browser does now not alert customers to web sites that may be phishing for your info, and it lacks reinforce for extended Validation. PayPal is, in fact, a popular web site among phishers in their neverending seek for non-public knowledge, person IDs, and passwords. whereas it can be now not solely fair singling out Safari (other Mac browsers like Camino additionally lack this strengthen), it is perhaps at the least a useful reminder of the risk.'”

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