change the iTunes 10 Icon With the iTunes 9 Icon

Steve might want us to stop serious about CDs when we take into accounts tune, and while that makes sense, the brand new iTunes icon isn’t to everybody’s liking.

Swapping out icons is nothing new. Mac users had been doing it for years. This might be a handy guide a rough refresher for some of you. For the brand new Mac users available in the market, it is a enjoyable solution to customise your Mac.

First you in finding an icon you adore. Iconfactory has a really perfect choice of icons. For us we will replace the iTunes 10 icon with the icon from iTunes 9. a few of us just like the old icon. name us sentimental.

for those who updated to iTunes 10 before saving the iTunes 9 icon, you’re in luck. we’ve a zip file with the icon connected to a folder. Go beforehand and obtain it.

First, we’ll backup our iTunes 10 icon. just in case we modify our minds later.

1. make a choice the iTunes 10 application within the functions folder.


2. you can wish to Get information. you can do that with the aid of selecting Command-I or navigating to the Menu Bar File>Get data.


3. the info window will pop up. make a selection the icon at the prime on the window and copy it. which you could copy with Command-C or Edit>copy.


four. Create a new folder in the Finder. call it “iTunes 10 icon backup”. Get info on the folder and paste (Command-P or Edit>Paste) the iTunes 10 icon over the default folder icon. retailer that folder somewhere.


5. make a selection the iTunes 10 app Get data window. you’ll wish to change the get right of entry to privileges in an effort to trade the appliance’s icon. click on the lock in the lower right hand nook. you can be brought on to your password.


6. exchange the get right of entry to for everybody to read & Write. remember that to alter this again to read simplest when you find yourself executed.


7. Now clutch the folder you downloaded prior with the iTunes 9 icon. Now repeat the replica and paste we described in steps three and four to vary the iTune 10 app icon to the iTunes 9 icon.


8. exchange the everyone get admission to back to learn most effective. shut the the entire Get information home windows.


9. iTunes 10 must be sporting the outdated-college icon now. to alter the icon in the Dock. Shut down iTunes. remove the icon from the Dock. Relaunch iTunes. The icon will have to now be the old iTunes icon.



10. to maintain the icon in the Dock.  right-click on the dock icon, make a choice choices, select preserve in Dock.

that is it. Now if best shall we work out a solution to convey colors again to the source bar in iTunes 10.


practice this text’s creator, Roberto Baldwin, on Twitter.

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