Samsung’s New Galaxy Tab television ad Feels loads Like an Apple iPad advert

The legal fight between Samsung and Apple has going on around the globe with Apple claiming that Samsung had “slavishly” copied the iPad design. Apple and Samsung have traded complaints in numerous countries looking to get each other’s products banned from sale.

outdoor of the lawsuits, Samsung has been aggressive with their recent set of U.S. television commercials overtly mocking iPhone customers.

Their newest Korean ad, alternatively, appears to take cues from Apple’s personal merchandising style, focusing on a extra emotional reference to the viewer.

The advert depicts a father and daughter playing with a Galaxy Tab in a sequence of pictures reminiscent of Apple’s personal iPad commercials. The voice over says (rough translation):

You attempt to have fun with me, you try to win in opposition to me, you inquire from me hundreds of thousands of questions, you take a seat on my lap, you wish to have to remain beside me all the time, surprisingly, once I stay with you time passes very quickly. it is a precious time.

The advert was posted to YouTube on December 14th. For reference, Apple’s personal advertisements have lengthy adopted a an identical type, specializing in experience than specs: we will all the time, Love, and study. while Apple does not have an unique claim to this fashion of advert, it just presentations how Samsung is attempting to position their merchandise comparably to Apple.

The music in the background of the advert is Blue Sky by means of Rabbit!

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