‘South of the Circle’ Coming to Apple Arcade

Adventure game “South of the Circle” is coming to Apple Arcade, with an innovative new aesthetic inspired by mid-century screen printing.

From State of Play, developers of “Kami,” “INKS,” and “Lumino City,” South of the Circle is a new adventure game with a strong narrative focus.

Set in the 60s in Antarctica, South of the Circle tells the story of Cambridge academic Peter. He finds himself crossing desolate terrain in an attempt to reach British, Norwegian, and Soviet Antarctic bases as he fights for survival. As conditions worsen, the past and the present blur together, and Peter is forced to come to terms with survival, reality, and the consequences of his past.
Coming Soon to ‌Apple Arcade‌: South of the Circle.You are marooned in Antartica in 1959 during a Cold War standoff looking for rescue when the past begins to blend with the present.⏰ Get a reminder when it’s available: https://t.co/BMXTM89L4T pic.twitter.com/wURwFrjDkj— ‌Apple Arcade‌ (@AppleArcade) September 29, 2020

State of Play used full 3D motion capture for added realism, and the game features a host of award-winning actors such as Gwilym Lee, Olivia Vinall, Richard Goulding, Anton Lesser, Adrian Rawlins, and Michael Fox.

South of the Circle will be coming to ‌Apple Arcade‌ on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and tvOS soon.Tag: Apple ArcadeThis article, “‘South of the Circle’ Coming to Apple Arcade” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

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Author: Hartley Charlton