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Refurbished, high-end iPhones are suffocating the growth of cheap new Androids

The fastest growing segment in global smartphones isn’t Google’s vision for super-cheap, simple Android phones. Instead, according to new market data, it’s refurbished high-quality phones that carry a desirable brand… Read more »

Apple begins first-ever refurbished sales of Apple Watch starting at $229

Some Series 1 and Series 2 Apple Watches are now availble through Apple’s online refurbished store, marking the first time any Watch models have been sold there. AppleInsider – Frontpage… Read more »

Apple makes the 12.9? iPad Pro available via its official online refurbished store

As it normally does once a product is so far into its lifetime, Apple today has made the 12.9-inch iPad Pro available via its online refurbished store. The device, which… Read more »