WhatsApp Chief Confirms iPad App is a Possibility: ‘We’d Love to Do It’

There could be a WhatsApp app for iPad coming in the near future, according to WhatsApp chief Will Cathcart. In an interview with The Verge, Cathcart said that people have long been asking for an ?iPad? app, and that the company would “love to do it.”

Though Cathcart did not commit to a release date for a WhatsApp ?iPad? app, the Meta-owned company already has the underlying structure in place for creating one. “We did a lot of work on the technology for supporting multiple devices,” he said. “Our web and our desktop apps now have that. If I have multi-device on, I can turn my phone off or lose my network connection and still get messages on my desktop. That would be really important for a tablet app, to be able to use the app even if your phone isn’t on. So the underlying technology is there.”

Right now, WhatsApp is available on the iPhone, the desktop, and the web, but an iPad-specific app has been left out. WhatsApp is testing multi-device support that allows the desktop and web versions of the app to be used without an ?iPhone?, functionality that paves the way for the ?iPad? app.

WhatsApp parent company Meta has made Facebook available on ?iPad?, but WhatsApp and Meta’s Instagram app have never had native ?iPad? availability, despite many users asking for the feature.Tag: WhatsAppThis article, “WhatsApp Chief Confirms iPad App is a Possibility: ‘We’d Love to Do It'” first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums

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Author: Juli Clover