12-inch MacBook teardown provides closer look at its tiny motherboard, terraced battery design

Apple-Macbook-12-inch-2015-Disassembly-48 Apple-Macbook-12-inch-2015-Disassembly-26

We saw teardowns of the 2015 MacBook Air and Retina MacBook Pro last month, but now a Feng.com user has provided us with the first teardown of the all-new 12-inch MacBook. Apple heavily touted the internal design of the laptop during its unveil last month and today’s teardown gives us a closer look at what exactly the company had to do in order to make the 12-inch MacBook as small as possible.

During its unveil of the laptop, Apple touted that the 12-inch MacBook features a motherboard that is 67 percent smaller than that of the MacBook Air. The ultra-small motherboard can be seen in the teardown images of the 12-inch MacBook. Apple also touted that it designed the batteries for the MacBook to be as space efficient as possible, and that is definitely apparent in these teardown images. Apple used a terraced battery design for the 12-inch MacBook, which allows the company to be incredibly space efficient with the batteries.

Finally, the new MacBook also features the same Force Touch technology that we saw on the 2015 Retina MacBook Pro. The Force Touch trackpad doesn’t actually push in like a normal trackpad, but rather provides haptic feedback to provide the same feeling as a normal trackpad.

A gallery of images from the 12-inch MacBook Air teardown can be seen below, with more available from the source.

(via LaptopUltra)

Apple-Macbook-12-inch-2015-Disassembly-20 Battery Battery Apple-Macbook-12-inch-2015-Disassembly-39 Apple-Macbook-12-inch-2015-Disassembly-26 Force Touch module Motherboard Apple-Macbook-12-inch-2015-Disassembly-48 Apple-Macbook-12-inch-2015-Disassembly-42 Headphone module
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