Apple Seeks Patent On running system advertising

patentpundit writes “On April 18, 2008, Apple pc utilized for a patent on the subject of an ‘invention’ that enables for displaying ads inside an running device. the primary named inventor on the patent utility is none other than Steve Jobs. The patent application published and changed into on hand for public inspection on October 22, 2009. If implemented, the invention would make it possible for ads to be displayed on various devices, together with pc computer systems, cellphones, PDAs, and more. in one alarming aspect, the software will be disabled whereas the advertisements run, thereby forcing customers to let the commercial run its direction sooner than the device would unencumber and allow further use. In an even more invasive scenario, defined within the patent application, the person may be required to do something, comparable to click to proceed, as a way to check that they are actively observing the commercial and have not simply walked away while the ad runs. whether or not Apple would put in force such an invention is unknown, but it’s conceivable that they think there are others out there who may need to put in force such invasive promoting. it’s that you can think of Apple wanted to get ahead of the curve and file this patent so that if any firm is silly enough to interact in giant Brother advertising, then Apple will get a royalty. I positive hope this is not the way forward for merchandising.”

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