Psystar’s rebellion EFI Hackintosh software Reviewed, found wanting

CWmike writes “while the sector excited by Microsoft’s launch of windows 7, Florida-based totally Psystar quietly launched insurrection EFI, a tool product that must fear Apple much more than Microsoft’s latest working system. revolt EFI allows customers to run Apple’s flagship running device, Mac OS X Snow Leopard, on non-Apple hardware. Computerworld check drove the making of a Hackintosh out of a generic computer with the corporate’s new device bundle and found a product that has quite a few homework still to do. Reviewer Frank Ohlhorst’s final prognosis: ‘Psystar’s rebellion EFI (a free trial is on hand) is an interesting device, however it is extremely limited when it comes to the number of hardware that you should utilize. the company actually needs to create a appropriate hardware record and publish that on its website online — and it should also create some usable documentation. because it stands presently, you should utilize rebel EFI to build a Mac clone, however unless you follow relatively well-known hardware, you are going to be upset.'”

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