Apple Thunderbolt display with a couple of screens: No Daisy Chaining Mini DisplayPort screens [Updated]

With the new 27″ Apple Thunderbolt show now shipping to shoppers, Apple has posted a new strengthen document outlining what can and cannot be entire with more than one screens on Thunderbolt-enabled Mac techniques.

as far as compatibility, Apple notes that every one Thunderbolt-enabled programs except for the MacBook Air can deal with two Thunderbolt displays, with a caveat for the thirteen-inch MacBook professional being that the pc’s internal show won’t operate if two Thunderbolt shows are related. The high-finish $799 Mac mini with discrete AMD pictures can also be in a position to working a 3rd display by means of HDMI.

MacBook Air (Mid 2011): One Thunderbolt display.

MacBook professional (Early 2011): Two Thunderbolt shows. Connecting a 2nd Apple Thunderbolt display (27-inch) to a thirteen-inch MacBook professional will make the monitor on the MacBook pro flip black. this is expected habits.

iMac (Mid 2011 and Late 2011): Two Thunderbolt displays. iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011) with two Thunderbolt ports supports a complete of two Thunderbolt displays despite which Thunderbolt port each and every display is attached to.

Mac mini (Mid 2011): Two Thunderbolt shows. Mac mini with AMD photos can improve a HDMI suitable instrument on its HDMI port when the use of two Thunderbolt displays.

One different word of pastime so that it will be a disappointment for some customers is the disclosure that users won’t be able to daisy chain a Mini DisplayPort show off an Apple Thunderbolt display.

Mini DisplayPort shows will not light up if connected to the Thunderbolt port on an Apple Thunderbolt show (27-inch).

The revelation is a bit of of a shock, as Mini DisplayPort shows can at the moment be daisy chained off different Thunderbolt peripherals. Some customers had been hoping to reuse their current Mini DisplayPort shows as part of multiple-display setups the use of the brand new Thunderbolt show, but will it sounds as if be unable to do so.

ultimately, Apple recommends that customers daisy chaining the Apple Thunderbolt show with Thunderbolt storage gadgets join the display directly to the computer’s Thunderbolt port, with other peripherals daisy chaining off of the display.

replace: Macworldseems to have tested that you can indeed daisy chain a Mini DisplayPort screen so long as it is hooked up to a couple different tool than the Thunderbolt show. In Macworld‘s obvious setup, a Pegasus RAID storage software is positioned between the Thunderbolt display and an older Mini DisplayPort display from Apple and all shows work properly.

it is doubtful why simply inserting another Thunderbolt instrument into the center of the chain permits the Mini DisplayPort show to perform, but as a minimum one MacRumors discussion board member has verified that he’s unable to daisy chain his Mini DisplayPort-enabled Apple Cinema display right away off of the new Thunderbolt show.

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