Apple to Wipe iTunes fit iCloud data on Sept 26th, GM to practice?

Apple has sent an e-mail to developers notifying them that their iCloud libraries housing iTunes in shape data might be wiped on Monday, September 26th at 9AM PDT. the reason for the wipe is to “support the general quality and reliability” of the service. The news comes after Apple wiped all of the iCloud backup knowledge on Thursday, September twenty second.

We imagine these are preparations for Apple to launch the final Golden master (GM) version of iOS 5. Apple had been planning to declare iOS 5 as GM on Friday, September 23rd, though we’ve not heard affirmation yet if that had in fact taken situation. also on schedule was to start putting in iOS 5 GM onto new gadgets of their factories on Monday, September 26th. Assuming all this has remained on agenda, we think the ultimate GM version of iOS 5 to be liberate to builders as early as next week.

iCloud and iTunes in shape services and products have been working in developer beta for the ultimate couple of months. the public liberate is scheduled for “Fall”, and it appears possible Apple will announce the ship date at their rumored October 4th media event.

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