First palms On Video of iPhone 4S with Benchmarks, “raise to talk” feature

It seems somebody has gotten cling of an iPhone 4S ahead of launch. This video from presentations off a new iPhone 4S with some early benchmarks (thanks BluC0la). It also presentations the Siri settings interface which lets you turn Siri On/Off, trade Language Settings, Voice comments, My data and allow raise to speak.

to talk to Siri, press and grasp the house button or raise the cellphone to your ear and discuss.

Early Sunspider marks exhibit a complete score of 2222.1ms and a BrowserMark rating of 89567. For comparison, it seems that the BrowserMark score for an iPhone four working iOS 5 is 44856, so the brand new iPhone 4S benches twice as quick within the browser.

The iPhone 4S would not formally launch except October 14th. Some readers have gotten early ship notices, but we hadn’t heard of any deliveries to this point. it can be no longer clear how this individual got their iPhone 4S.

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