Most of Intel’s Ivy Bridge CPUs now not in truth Delayed unless June

ultimate week, a Digitimes record claimed that Intel was once going to delay mass availability of its new Ivy Bridge processors until after June. Ivy Bridge represents the next era processors from Intel and are anticipated to energy any new Macs within the coming few months. the original target date for Ivy Bridge shipments used to be in April.

VR-Zone now reports that the report wasn’t fully perfect and that Intel will only be delaying the release namely of cell dual-Core Ivy Bridge processors.

remember the fact that article from the opposite day that made some individuals panic as Intel would possibly’ve delayed Ivy Bridge to June? neatly, there’s no need to be involved when you are planning on getting a brand new laptop gadget, as not one of the desktop parts that were at the beginning supposed to launch had been delayed and on the cellular side, simplest the dual core fashions had been pushed back.

consistent with the web site, the reason for the extend of those particular processors is as a result of an overstock of the previous generation chips.

What that suggests is that it won’t impact Apple’s liberate plans for updated MacBook professionals and iMacs. Apple at present deals Quad-Core processors in their iMac, so that product line will have to see no added delays. The iMac was last up to date in could, 2011 and is getting due for a refresh. meanwhile, in the MacBook pro line, the 13″ variation is the only MacBook professional that presently uses a dual-Core processor.

because it turns out, we previously suggested that Intel’s new Quad-Core Ivy Bridge processor will probably be warmth environment friendly sufficient to fit in Apple’s 13″ MacBook chassis for the first time. The limiting factor for a Quad-Core 13″ MacBook professional had previously been the warmth output of the processor. If Apple chooses to go this route, they might do away with twin-Core processors totally from their MacBook pro line, side stepping any delays.

then again, this line of reasoning assumes that Apple is probably not making any dramatic modifications to the MacBook professional enclosure. chronic rumors have urged that Apple could also be considering extra MacBook Air-like designs for at least one of the crucial new MacBook professional models. this kind of drastic trade would change Apple’s number of processors significantly.

it is usually price noting that Apple is not a regular Intel customer and has, up to now, been ready to stable chips earlier than the remainder of the business.

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