Safari “Carpet Bomb” assault nonetheless a chance

SecureThroughObscure writes “just a short time after Apple’s up to date acknowledgment of and patch for the Safari Carpet Bomb ‘blended’ IE flaw, Microsoft researcher Billy Rios shows that Safari continues to be useful in a blended assault, this time with Firefox 2/three. (ZDNet’s Nate McFeters also spread the word.) Rios claimed that he is ready to make use of Carpet Bomb, regardless of the up to date patch, to steal arbitrary recordsdata from victims who also have Firefox 2/three put in. each Rios and McFeters stated that Apple, which took some warmth for now not at the start patching, actually did a good job of addressing the problem, as the code execution attitude was not firstly understood (the main points came out later). Rios is withholding small print of the new assault vector except Apple has had time to patch or reply to this problem.”

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